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Thread: When will you announce?

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    Default When will you announce?

    Our families already know but I have been waiting to facebook announce and tell other people. I had hoped to announce probably next week after a successful u/s this week but now since I will only be 9 weeks and not 10 I am not feeling as certain about it. I feel good about where the pregnancy is going and this is the latest I have ever held out on sharing the news so I don't really know what is holding me back right now.

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    We have told dh's family but not mine. They are going to be much more negative about it So Im not looking forward to that (they already think I have to many kids, even though we completely support ourselves and don't need their help/support or anything... As for FB probably once I deal with my family it will be out.
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    My mom and bff know but I plan on waiting as long as possible to announce to the rest of our family and friends . My last two I waited until 15wks and 18wks (even to tell my mom and bff). With it being winter I should be able to hide under sweaters for quite awhile . LOL, I have this crazy idea to wait until Easter when I'm 23wks (April 20th). We don't see friends or family often since we live 1-2.5hrs from all of them so it wouldn't be just seems reeeeally far away .
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    We haven't told anyone yet...waiting for my first appt tomorrow (So flipping nervous).
    All of my side of the family will be in town for Xmas so that's when we'll tell them. Really excited for that.
    We'll probably tell hubby's side of the family then as well...over the phone since they are in a diffferent state then us.

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    Popping in! We waited until I was 16 weeks this go around before I announced on facebook. I had told a few people before that but mostly family. It was the longest we waited.

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    All of our family knows, we told them immediately. I think our FB annoucement will be next week after I hit 12 weeks...eek!

    I'm most nervous about telling my "boss". I think he'll be disappointed that I can't go to confrences to present my research. I know nothing bad is going to happen, we just don't totally click so it will be awkward.

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    Most of friends know, families of course, but we asked not to comment on social networks till we have 12 weeks appointment (which is next week, I will probably just get an ultrasound and get a bunch of tests referrals since my obi is not there till January). I definitely haven't told any of my private students - Chinese take pregnancy VERY seriously and they will start panicking and worrying it's too hard for me to tutor. So I'll wait till Spring or something (unless I show a lot and they see themselves).
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