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My MIL has been absolutely obnoxious about DS2's middle name, Atticus. Just a couple months ago she actually made a fuss about it to my face! Mind you, he's turning 3 on Sunday ... the name isn't going anywhere. This was the first occasion where she was ugly about his name to my face and I LOVED, REVELED in shutting her DOWN. I exclaimed loudly, "ROBERTA! That is SO RUDE!" I mean, seriously lady, not your kid, not your choice GET OVER IT.

If she would just think before she speaks ... I'd like her a WHOLE lot better!
My MIL prides herself on being so straight forward and honest and she doesn't hold back (including using bad words) when she feels it's warranted. If she brings it up again I am going to straight up tell her to stop being a b!tch.