35 weeks! I think I'm going to freak out this week when the countdown goes under 30 days... Going to work on the bags this week, just to be safe.

I'm feeling nervous about getting everything ready in time. Aside from not having much baby gear yet (we need some baby grooming items but we have the minimalist things you need, so it's ok...) there's other house stuff I want to get done. I have a list of freezer meals to make and by make, I mean, buy all the stuff and do the prep LOL. I cleaned our secondary fridge and need to give it some time to cool down--we haven't had it plugged in for a couple years.

I have a little foot right up against my left ribs and I just can't leave that little thing alone! So precious.

I think I'll take another pic this week. I haven't really kept up with it since I don't think I've changed that much.