About seven months ago I went off my birth control for the month and I think I got pregnant in the process. When my period was supposed to come in I just spotted a little but the pee test was negative. Then month went by and I started feeling sick and then I was just exausted for no reason at all and pee test was still negative. So I went to the hospital and the blood test was neg too and ive had several since may and they all come back neg. I havent had a period since I spotted that one day and when I have sex with my husband its like it throws me into a period. I bleed a little and then I cramp up really bad. I dont know whats going on they wont give me an ultra sound unless i have a positive test. And I cant afford to go see an obgyn i dont know what to do. If im not prego its not the end of the world but if I am I really need to see a doctor. So i dont Know what to do please help me! What should I do?