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    My husband and I have been TTC for 7 months now. He had a semen analysis and it was perfect. I had an u/s that showed I was most likely ovulating and showed no cysts or abnormalities. My cycles are normally 28 days but in may, sept and nov have been 32-34. Maybe from stress. Have been reading a lot online about ovulating. Anyone heard of luteal phase defect? I haven't asked the dr about this yet but I had 2 months where my cycle was 24 days and 27 days. Would that make my luteal phase be too short in those cycles? Should I get my progesterone level checked?

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    I'm not in this room anymore but don't want to leave you hanging .

    It's not abnormal to have a few off cycles in a year...definitely frustrating though !!

    Short cycles aren't necessarily an indicator of a luteal phase defect since you may just be ovulating earlier in your cycle. I would recommend charting your temps to see if you really are ovulating and when.

    How old are you? If you are younger than 35 you could probably wait a few more months before pursuing more testing but if you are 35 or older you could request "cycle day 3 testing" (it has to be done on the 2nd, 3rd, or 4th day of red bleeding) which may include FSH, prolactin, estrogen, Lh, and testosterone. You can also have your progesterone levels tested on cycle day 21, 22, or 23 (7-9 days past ovulation).

    Some of the abbreviations you'll come across in ttc at APA are:

    APA -American Pregnancy Association
    AF- aunt flow/period
    cd- cycle day
    dpo- days past ovulation
    bfp/bfn- big fat positive or negative
    opk- ovulation predictor kit
    hpt- home pregnancy test
    poas- pee on a stick...refers to using an opk or hpt
    wondfo- not an abbreviation but an inexpensive pregnancy test
    frer- first response early result pregnancy test
    ic- internet cheapie test...usually a wondfo
    pg- pregnant/pregnancy
    dd- due date
    O- ovulation
    bd- babydance (intercourse)
    ff- fertility online charting program (I highly recommend you check it out)
    fp- follicular phase (first half of your cycle)
    lp- luteal phase (second half of your cycle after ovulation)
    pcos- polycystic ovarian syndrome
    dor- diminished ovarian reserve
    ivf- in-vitro fertilization
    trigger- not an abbreviation but a medication to induce ovulation
    iui-intrauterine insemination
    ti- timed intercourse
    hh9m- happy healthy 9 months

    Those are the ones I can think of, lol, just ask as you go if you don't understand something .

    The ladies here are fantastic!!

    Thinking of you and hoping you get to move on to a hh9m very soon !!!
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    I co-sign Kelly's post.

    Also, I am bordering on a LP (luteal phase) defect because while I'm making it to 11dpo (days past ovulation) my temps start to do a nose dive around 8dpo and do not recover. I was resistant to temping for a long time, but I'm starting my 3rd month of it and I highly recommend it. You get a lot of good data. I wouldn't have known for sure that there was cause to worry about my LP unless I had those temps ... otherwise my nurse said a 10 day LP, while not ideal, is adequate.

    So far as I know the most common "fix" for a short LP is Clomid, but I can't take it because I'm still nursing my 30 month old. I'm not willing to force him to wean so that I can go on Clomid, so I wait. ;)
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    Also, this month I O'd on CD19, I still only had an 11 day LP and so my cycle was shorter, at 30 days, than normal. I average a 32 - 36 day cycle.
    Dorcas (36) DH (37) 3/13

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    Welcome! And I think Kelly covered it all! Temping isn't that bad once you get used to it. Some people like OPKs more though. I prefer temping. I hope your stay here is nice and short
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    Thank you all! I turned 30 in sept. I guess I'm already feeling the "pressure of the bio clock". I have used OPK's the last couple cycles although not religiously. I started my period today so in a few days I'll test daily until I get the smiley. Last month I only tested when I noticed the eggwhite discharge and thought it was strange because that was day 18 of my cycle and so I tested and sure enough I had a smiley on the clear blue easy. So does that mean I prob ovulated on day 20? If so I counted and I think my luteal phase is too short? The only tests I've had so far are blood panal, thyroid and vag u/s. Dr. said all that looked good. This cycle went long again. I average 28 days but this time was 30 days.

    Oh and for checking my temp I feel silly asking but is this literally just taking my temp like in my mouth or under my arm or somewhere else LOL!!! thanks.

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    Yep. Taking your temp at the same time each morning when you wake and preferably before you do much moving. Also after at least 4 hrs straight sleep will help give a more accurate temp. Most people temp by mouth though some temp vaginally if they're not good sleepers or they may be mouth breathers.

    Hope your stay in TTC is short.
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    I would go to the Fertility Friend site and read up on temping. It is suggested that you use a Basal Body Temperature thermometer ... Which just gives you two #'s after the decimal versus 1 like traditional thermometers. I bought mine at Target.

    When just using OPKs I assumed O the day after a positive. So for your last cycle you seem to be in the same boat as me, O on CD19 and a LP of 11 days.

    Temping will give you a better idea of O day. Also, spotting doesn't count as day 1 for LP ... You need to have a flow. So if you were just spotting your LP might be 12 days and therefore in the completely normal window for LP.

    I strongly suggest temping. I set an alarm on my phone, temp, and go back to sleep. I don't look at the temp until I'm awake. I have been known to read it wrong when I'm not fully awake. Also, if I have to get up in the night I find it's okay to temp after 3 consecutive hours of sleep, not 4.

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