Here's my story...

STC'd 18 months to get DS, who was born in October 2010. He was conceived off of 150mg of Clomid+dexamethasone+IUI. It was our second IUI and our 6th cycle with Clomid. I was getting close to considering IVF at the time because I wanted to be a mommy so badly, but DH was opposed to it (although admittedly he doesn't know much about it).

Fast forward to July 2012. Decided it was time to start TTC#2. We were hoping to get PG quicker this time, and God answered our prayers! We got PG on the first cycle even though it was a long cycle (technically, we conceived in mid-August even the LMP was early July). At our 8.5 week u/s, we learned the baby stopped growing at 7 weeks and had no heartbeat. I held on a little longer hoping and praying for a miracle, but at almost 11 weeks I had a D&C. We had the baby tested, and he/she was diagnosed with Trisomy 22. My OB had no reason to believe that we couldn't have another healthy baby.

I started back up with my RE in February 2013 and am still here plugging away. We've done 4 Clomid only cycles, 2 Clomid+injectibles, and 1 femara only cycle. Almost all have had IUIs. We also discovered I had polyps and I had surgery in May to remove them. My current cycle is with femara but it isn't going well and could end up being a busted cycle.

DH is still opposed to IVF but I'm coming around to it. We as believers believe that life begins at conception. So if we have a great response, what happens to the remaining embryos. We cannot destroy them, and I don't want to be pregnant a gazillion times (I had GD with DS). I'm also 33 and no spring chicken anymore. Having DS, I don't think I could give the embryos up for adoption knowing there could be another kid as great as him out there that was biologically ours.

I've heard from other Christian friends who have gone through IVF that the doctors might be able to control how many eggs we get with the meds. I've also heard that depending on what day the eggs are implanted (day 0 vs day 1) there is no genetic code and therefore no life.

Just trying to understand all my options to add to our family and still hold to my beliefs. Yes, I know about adoption and we are looking into that, but I really am not ready to let the idea of being pregnancy again go just yet.

Thanks for reading. Any feedback/advice is appreciated!