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Thread: Ovulating twice a month, I can't tell what's going on.

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    Default Ovulating twice a month, I can't tell what's going on.

    Since I ovulate twice per cycle- have since February- and if an egg was fertilized but hadn't implanted yet, would it be possible to ovulate again before that implantation, or are there enough hormonal changes immediately that it would stop the second ovulation?

    I'm having pregnancy symptoms, big time. I've had one baby and two pregnancies which I lost, so I know the signs. But- if it's from the last ovulation, that would mean I'm only 6 days in, and it's hard to believe I'm feeling this already- though I know it's possible. If it's from the first ovulation, it'd be almost two weeks, and these symptoms would make more sense. I had sex both those nights- the 13th and 21st, as well as the Saturday between, the 16th. I feel like anything could be happening, ha.

    My ovulation is very clear- I get mittelschmerz, and the very clear, stretchy, pregnancy conducive ovulatory secretion is there, and my breasts get tender. So I really have no doubt of when it takes place.

    Anyone have any idea?

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    I get cervical mucous in varying amounts throughout the month, up to and after ovulation. Breast pain, also. I am 100% certain (I have had ultrasounds, etc at the RE's office) that I only ovulate once. Have you actually verified your ovulation date through temping/charting or ultrasound? Going off external signs is not reliable.
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    I have read of a few case where a woman will ovulate 2x in a cycle but its very rare. At what point do you have your period? I would test then but also follow up with your Dr to see if you are double ovulating and if that could be causing you to have trouble becoming pregnant. I would think that if you are double ovulating then maybe there is a hormone issue. Good luck to you.

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    My body is touchy enough to hormone changes that I actually get severe nausea at IMPLANTATION (which then goes away, thankfully, until week 5 or so when morning sickness becomes more normal). So I do believe it is perfectly possible to get pregnancy signs super early... earlier than ANY pregnancy test could detect.
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    Ovulation twice monthly isn't actually all that rare... not common, but not rare. There have been a few studies on it- one can be found here.

    That said, yes I am definitely, I saw my doctor about it months ago.

    And today I'm pretty sure I had implantation bleeding. Which tells me which ovulation conception took place during.

    Now I cross my fingers and hope and wait. Having had a miscarriage and an abnormal pregnancy before, I'll never feel safely pregnant until months in.

    Thanks for the input!

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