3 day old noob and my brain isn't remembering as well from my first kiddo - He has a good latch when he actually does it. He'll act hungry, latch and suck once or twice and then either just stop sucking and act like he's going back to sleep OR he'll pop off and cry.

He has pooped about 6 or 7 times today, 3-4 pees so his output looks good. My daughter was on the boob ALL.THE.TIME so this is just so weird and different for me. He does NOT comfort nurse, period. When he is done he is DONE and does not want boob in his mouth.

Anyone been through this? Do you think it will change once my milk totally changes over (it's already white when I hand express I just haven't gotten that fullness feeling in yet). He cried for about 30 minutes earlier while acting hungry but refusing to suck more than once or twice. I've tried switching sides and holds too. I just hope everything is OK, especially since when he does latch he has such a good one (we had a few very successful feedings in the middle of the night last night).