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Took forever to update, sorry! :p

I am measuring at 8 weeks exactly, so our DD is July 3rd!

HB was 156 bpm and everything looks picture perfect. Both the sonographer and NP used the word perfect so I'm a proud mama! ;)

DH is working on getting the pictures in a shareable format. He was just so amazed and happy. He asked to see the baby and hb again after we were done and of course she showed us again, it was awesome.

I'm going to be seeing the practice midwives, they have 3 and won't really get one assigned to me, just whoever is on call will be there with me the whole time for L&D. So I'll be able to get comfortable will all 3 of them.

The NP said to take my B-6 twice a day to keep the levels up and that its ok to use benadryl for my insomnia. Not everyday but 2-3x a week... she said to make sure I was able to get some sleep!!

Wish I could have recorded that hb...whoompa, whoompa, whoompa.
I can't believe that I missed this. I did see your ticker, that bean is super cute! I am so glad for your good appt! Isn't that HB magical.