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Thread: am i pregnant even though i got a negative test

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    Default am i pregnant even though i got a negative test

    took a target brand "up" test today and i got a negative. Is it possible I'm still pregnant even though I got a negative. My period is due in 5 days. Has anyone out there gotten a negative test 5 or 6 days before and still been pregnant ?I truly feel I'm pregnant I have symptoms too

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    It's definitely possible. Not unusual, actually. Read the packaging where it explains the percentage of pregnant women who test positive that early. It is pretty small.
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    Mine is usually negative that early .

    Keep testing !!
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    Absolutely. Negative tests results for early pregnant women are quite common. The hCG hormone needs to build enough for the test to recognize it. Some tests are more sensitive than others, but in the really early stages of pregnancy all of the tests could still give incorrect results.
    On the other hand, getting a positive when you are NOT pregnant is extremely rare.

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