No one has posted in here so figured I would start.

Kendra is almost 8 months (will be on Nov. 20). She cut her first two teeth within the last month and can also sit up unassisted for longs periods of time. She isn't crawling yet ... she prefers to roll but is attempting to crawl (rocking back and forth on all fours).

She was such a great sleeper until about a month ago after battling 2 back to back colds... she sleeps from 7PM-5AM ... I just wish we could extend that 5AM wake up but I'm not comfortable doing cry it out and she seems generally hungry so she gets a bottle.

I'm a first time Mom so I'm enjoying all her first milestones. My favorite was when she said 'Mamamama' very clearly at 5 months old after everyone kept telling me that babies say 'Dadada' first