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Thread: Hopeful Thinking, Doubtful Mind.

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    Post Hopeful Thinking, Doubtful Mind.

    I know it order to ease my mind I just need to take a pregnancy test.
    First, I just want opinions, and to know if other people have had the
    same kind of symptoms and what their problem was.

    My last period was 30 days ago. Prior to that my cycle was 45 days. In between these periods I had a very light amount
    of bleeding, that was barely noticeable and only lasted a day. I have been fatigued since then. Seems I stay that way anymore.
    Before getting my period on 45 day cycle I craved salty things. I found myself eating almost half a jar of pickles and the juice.
    The next day I received my period. I am on day 30 of my cycle and I still haven't received my period but craved pickles and pickle
    juice. About 4 days ago I excruciating pain in my lower abdomen area. It eventually went away overnight. I have also been having heartburn,
    flatulence, constipation, and just recently been experience motion sickness when we travel. Sometimes I get over it with in an hour of being out of the car, sometimes it last all day followed by nausea and headaches. Headaches and light headedness have also been frequent.

    My first pregnancy I never craved anything, never got sick. Nothing.
    Idk what this is or even if it is pregnancy, just everything is weird!

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    I didn't want to read and not reply. Is your cycle usually longer (like the 45 days) if so you may need to wait awhile to test. Some of your symptoms sound like gastritis and even irriatable bowel syndrome but then maybe it is pregnancy related.. I'm not a Dr but have had similar issues in the past. I would test and also follow up with your Dr to see if something else maybe going on to cause your symptoms. I would avoid the pickles if having heartburn tho. Good luck to you!

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    I have had similar symptoms and the three things I have that came to mind are hypothyroidism, gastritis, and ruptured ovarian cyst.

    ...vague symptoms can be so frustrating .

    I would probably request the following labwork from my dr:

    Tsh- thyroid function
    Beta hcg- pregnancy
    Cycle day 3 estrogen, fsh, testosterone, and prolactin- hormones because of long cycles
    Urine dip- infection

    Thinking of you and hoping you get answers! Please keep us posted!!

    If you are trying to conceive, come join us in the TTC room...we'd love to have you !
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