I know it order to ease my mind I just need to take a pregnancy test.
First, I just want opinions, and to know if other people have had the
same kind of symptoms and what their problem was.

My last period was 30 days ago. Prior to that my cycle was 45 days. In between these periods I had a very light amount
of bleeding, that was barely noticeable and only lasted a day. I have been fatigued since then. Seems I stay that way anymore.
Before getting my period on 45 day cycle I craved salty things. I found myself eating almost half a jar of pickles and the juice.
The next day I received my period. I am on day 30 of my cycle and I still haven't received my period but craved pickles and pickle
juice. About 4 days ago I excruciating pain in my lower abdomen area. It eventually went away overnight. I have also been having heartburn,
flatulence, constipation, and just recently been experience motion sickness when we travel. Sometimes I get over it with in an hour of being out of the car, sometimes it last all day followed by nausea and headaches. Headaches and light headedness have also been frequent.

My first pregnancy I never craved anything, never got sick. Nothing.
Idk what this is or even if it is pregnancy, just everything is weird!