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Thread: Im TTC and I need advice

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    Lightbulb Im TTC and I need advice

    about a yr in a half I was diagnosed with PCOS, and ive been trying to conceive with my partner for a while now. Sept 24 we went to my ob/gyn for my annual and she gave me metformin 500 mg once a day for two weeks then up it to twice a day for the remainder, I wanna say a week into taking my metformin and trying to conceive Ive had my co workers, old teacher, and friends and family tell me I look pregnant and I have that pregnancy glow. even though I had my cycle, I didnt believe them. Shortly after I began to pick up weight and my cycle came and it was very different than all my other ones from the past, normally my flow is about 8 days with spotting included. This time it lasted 14 days with spotting lasting longer than usual and it being a very bright red color. After it ended and everyone began to notice my "pregnancy glow." then one day I woke up to wat felt like a stomach flu where I felt like I couldn't eat, and I felt like I was gonna throw up everything I ate. After rest, sierra mist, and soup, the next day I felt a little better but I still felt slighly sick but I was eating so I guess thats a good thing. but that following weekend, as I was at work I noticed my boobs feeling swollen and enlarged and in alot of pain to where I felt like I needed to take my bra off. I shook it off and thought my cycle was gonna make a come back because shortly after I developed a yeast infection which always happens before my cycle, but nothing happened. Now I feel in different waves, nausea, and I only vomited once, itchy boobs/ sore boobs and nipples, lower back pain, fatigue, food aversions, I barely want to eat anymore, and If i have to eat a food I dont want I begin to feel sick, i get heat flashes, a creamy yellow/whiteish odorless discharge thats like eggwhite after I have a bm, constipation, not many cravings, ive experienced mood swings, one day I had a slight metallic taste in my mouth, frequent urination, severe bloating, mild menstral like cramps, shortness of breath when I do something simple like walk my dog, and now the newest symptom from last night I was feeling around my abdominal area last night in my bath to see if I feel anything, on my right side I felt nothing on my left side i feel a sharp cramp pain which I think could be possibly round ligament pain, I went to the doctor to get a blood test and it came out negative, but these symptoms are still here and they come and go as they please I believe im pregnant (5weeks) its jus too early to test, Do you believe these symptoms could be a sign of something else other than pregnancy?
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    I'm so sorry your blood test was negative and you're still having these symptoms...our bodies can be so cruel sometimes .

    They could be a sign of ovarian cysts or it could just be a delayed period...pcos can really wreak havoc on your cycle
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