That's all of them at this stage, right? But seriously, how do you deal with things when your LO is crying up a storm because you can't hold them every second? I spend a ton of time nursing, cuddling, and playing with Wesley. Often when I'm not holding him I'm wearing him, and we co-sleep for a good part of the night. And he's exclusively bf so I totally get--and love--the attachment and bond we have. But lately I've been trying to take a little time away, maybe 2x/week. On Saturday mornings I've been resuming my workout/gym time (a mere 45 minutes at this point) while the kids stay home with DH. And on Tuesdays my parents come to see the kids and I go grocery shopping by myself (whoo hoo!). Almost as soon as I hand Wesley over he starts crying and doesn't stop until I have him in my arms again. My parents deal with this pretty well...DH not so much. He gets really frustrated.

How are your babies doing when you aren't around?