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    That's all of them at this stage, right? But seriously, how do you deal with things when your LO is crying up a storm because you can't hold them every second? I spend a ton of time nursing, cuddling, and playing with Wesley. Often when I'm not holding him I'm wearing him, and we co-sleep for a good part of the night. And he's exclusively bf so I totally get--and love--the attachment and bond we have. But lately I've been trying to take a little time away, maybe 2x/week. On Saturday mornings I've been resuming my workout/gym time (a mere 45 minutes at this point) while the kids stay home with DH. And on Tuesdays my parents come to see the kids and I go grocery shopping by myself (whoo hoo!). Almost as soon as I hand Wesley over he starts crying and doesn't stop until I have him in my arms again. My parents deal with this pretty well...DH not so much. He gets really frustrated.

    How are your babies doing when you aren't around?

    ~ Cassie, mama to Madison (8), Ali (4) & Wesley (new dude!)

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    I'm super lucky I got a "warm body" baby this time - he doesn't care who has him ad long as there's a warm body there. I've had a couple like you are talking about though. DH usually tries holding, singing, walking, playing, etc for the first few minutes but if the crying continues just because I'm not there (as in, all the baby's needs have been met also) then he just lays them down and lets them cry for a while before trying it all again. Eventually they either got used to him or decided they liked being left alone when I was gone but the crying was less either way. It's super frustrating for him but we never know what else to do. The only other option I've had work is getting the baby to sleep before you go but I'm not a huge fan of that because if they wake up while you're gone it could cause insecurity. Like sneaking out on an older child as soon as they're distracted can cause them to be more clingy sometimes.

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