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    Where are your kiddos at with talking? Adam has a lot of words but he's still hard to understand and just recently he started stringing words together into 2-3 word sentences. He's been able to sign sentences for quite a while so I think it's his small motor skills that need more time rather than cognitive ability
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    Hanna is not really putting 2 words together. I'm not sure whether to be worried about that or not. She says a lot of words and knows a ton of animal sounds. She understands a lot also. When we ask her to try and say a new word she doesn't really try. Her favorite word right now is no and this mom is tired of hearing it lol.

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    Carter is not yet putting two words together either, and she doesn't say a whole lot. She has about 10 words or so and half of them are not precise (Buh buh for bubbles, dah for dog, etc.) But she uses a lot of signs. She attempts to sign more than she attempts to verbalize. Her receptive language skills are fantastic. I am constantly surprised by how much she understands.
    I am going to wait it out a bit longer and see if she starts to increase her verbalization. Lily was like this, too, and had a language explosion around 24 months.

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    Sometimes I forget how little my baby is because she talks really well for her age. I get complete sentences of 3-5 words. She talks way better than my oldest did at this age and honestly sometimes I understand her better than I understand my 3.5 year old. She also memorizs lines from songs and movies and can sing it say them along. She is a real hoot in the car with the radio when a song she likes comes on.

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    Nolan's got a lot of words, but none sound exact. He's just starting to put two words together maybe the last couple weeks. I didn't know there was a group for 18-24 months until just now! Yay!!

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    Liam says a bunch of words really clearly. And strings a few words together... like "I go", whenever he wants to go out. He can also "count" to five... but three, and four don't sound anything like they are suppose to hehe.

    But he is REALLY stubborn. And won't perform or learn a new word / repeat it unless he really wants to. For example, he knows how to label all the parts on his face... but RARELY does it. I can't make him do it for anything in the world, but then one day when I am not expecting it he will point and label everything clearly. He will also say words out of no where clear as day, that make sense in context... and then not use them again. So I don't know what is up with him hehe.

    His understanding... I don't know. It's not as good as my sisters twins who are two months younger. But I don't know if it's really his understanding, or if its just because he doesn't care / is doing his own thing. Because he does respond properly "sometimes" but most of the time he's off doing his own thing in his own world... sadly DS1 and DH are like that too hehe.

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    Reagan understands a ton of things. If I give her directions to do something, she totally gets it--like, go in the kitchen and throw this away. She has a lot of individual words--they aren't always the right word but I understand what she means. Rarely will she put two or three words together, though. But she has big sister to talk for her as well.

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    The twins don't have too many understandable words yet, but I'm not that worried about it yet since they seem to be starting to say more and more each week. It is hard not to worry some times though since DD1 could talk in 4-5 word sentences at this point, but then I just remind myself that she was just WAY above the curve (and still is, lol), and that DS didn't really start talking until right at 2 yrs.

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