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Thread: Wow this guy is a nut * I hope its okay to post this in here*

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    Default Wow this guy is a nut * I hope its okay to post this in here*

    Lesbian cookies? Communist little girls? This is the craziest stuff I've heard. I love those thin mints.
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    I'm sure even though most people wouldn't take that article seriously, it would be considered offensive so I will remove the link just to save people the trouble of flagging it. There is no problem with posting questions about parenting or living a secular lifestyle in this section, but we need to remain aware that this is a public room and that we are a diverse group of people and we should remain sensitive to those who may have different views or beliefs.

    I love the thin mints too.

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    I certainly did not want to offend anyone in here I will be more careful next time thanks.
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