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Thread: Daily/Weekly Challenges?

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    Default Daily/Weekly Challenges?

    Who's in? What sorts of challenges would you like to see? I was thinking we could do two. One food related and one exercise related.

    Thoughts? Ideas?

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    I would definitely be interested in a challenge! I found a 28 day healthy food challenge on Whole Foods- Maybe we can do something like that?
    My friend and I started the Beachbody Challenge- You can join in a team near your location and we can use this forum as a place to post what workout we did, what we ate that day, and our weight loss and keep track to see who the best results. Maybe post every Monday on how our week went? Something along those lines.
    Let me know what you think!

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    I think posting plans like those is a great idea to give people more resources.

    I really like the weekly check ins. I use My Fitness Pal to log everything, or at least I try to when I don't forget. Maybe we could make a post with a chart that gets updated with what % of body weight has been lost and what each persons goal is?

    I just know I need some sort of accountability. I've been way too lazy lately. Let me know.

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    I would participate in the weekly check ins. I am having a hard time actually logging everything into MFP so I may just using old school paper

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