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    Default After 8 months

    I've seriously decided to completely commit to losing weight for not only health but for TTC sake.

    Also, if after I lose some weight and we're still unsuccessful at least when I go to an RE they won't tell me my lack of fertility is due to being overweight.

    I've lost 20lbs so far but I want to lose at LEAST 60.

    Just thought I'd share with you guys.

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    Ember!!!!!!! So excited to hear from you !!!

    How are you doing?? How is your recovery ftom the accident going? Are you on the road on again yet?

    You have been on my heart ♥

    20lbs is ★awesome★!!!! Way to go !
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    I still haven't had my surgeries. This have been too hectic and with my health insurance being a high deductible plan ($11,000 deductible + 20% of my surgery costs) I'm not sure how I'll even be able to get the surgery.

    No I'm not on the road, I wont be for a very long time (sad).

    Thanks though!

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    Woohoo! That is awesome! I'm on the weight loss wagon as well. Taking phentermine to jump start. I lost 22 lbs in a month and still have two months left. Hoping that it helps us out when we resume TTC.

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