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Thread: Potty training multiples and moving out of cribs

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    Default Potty training multiples and moving out of cribs

    My daughter Megan is almost potty trained. Emma has never successfully gone on the potty. I'm not concerned about it since they are still really young. However, would you move one child to underwear and leave the other in diapers? Emma is sensitive and I don't want to make her feel bad when she is clearly not ready. I put them both in pull ups when it became clear that Megan was ready.

    Also, I am going to need to move them out of their cribs soon. Any advice on how to do it? Do your multiples share a bed or have separate? I have a queen size bed they could use, but I have been looking at getting twin beds.

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    My friend with multiples who has older boys share a full sized bed. You could always keep them together in the queen for now, and when they can voice their opinions, get separate ones. Do they sleep together now in the cribs? That would make a difference, too, for me.

    As for potty training, no advice. Sorry. Good luck. We are still trying to try to potty train. Just isn't working.
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    I did the three day potty training method with my girls twice. The first time one of my girls was ready and trained in three days. The other was not. So she wore pull ups and I waited six months and tried again and she was good to go. I'm not sure she even noticed that her sister was wearing undies and she wasn't. They were 27 months when I trained my first and 33 when I was successful with my second.

    On the beds, my girls have their own beds. They are both "sprawlers" and would not sleep if we put them together.

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    Well, if you are selling undies as a big girl reward then I would be careful about upgrading one kiddo. If Emma doesn't care about potty training then the undies may not have a big appeal for her. I found that pull-up use encouraged "I don't feel like stopping play" accidents. Those stopped after we switched to undies.

    My guys became much more challenging sleep wise after they left cribs. Freedom is intoxicating to them! So, I would think that sharing a bed, all the time, could be troublesome. Mine have separate rooms but if they ask to sleep together, I let them as long they limit the monkey business. Mostly, they prefer to sleep in their own space. They do move around quite a bit and that does cause some issues when together. Each of my guys picked their own bedding theme and it's really one of the few things that they don't have to share ( while they bunk together on occasion, they never, ever trade.)
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    Emma and Megan have never shared a crib, so I have no idea how they would react to sharing a queen size bed. We will probably end up with two twin beds.

    We haven't talked about underwear at all. I think if I put Megan in them now she would probably be trained very quickly. It would be a disaster with Emma though since she just isn't ready. They do know that their brother is in underwear and some of the older kids at daycare are as well. Emma would definitely notice and want them. Would you just hold Megan back from underwear or would you give her underwear and just hope Emma doesn't get too upset about it? Emma does try but she has never been successful. Anytime Megan goes to the bathroom Emma wants to go as well.

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    We moved our twins from cribs to 2 twin beds about 2 months ago. We did push the twins together, to form a "big" bed, but they both stay on their own sides. Weird, but it works, at least for now.

    As for the potty training, my twin girl has been in underwear successfully since last week. My twin boy is NOT ready, and is still in diapers. Now, he usually wants to try whenever he's sees her going, but is not ready for underwear yet. He doesn't seem to care that she is and he isn't, but that might be because he's a boy.

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