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Thread: Hcg levels quadrupled in 3 days

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    Default Hcg levels quadrupled in 3 days

    Hello. I went in for my first blood draw and it was 214 then 3 days later it was 1,084 at 4 wks. Is it normal for it to jump 5xs higher in 3 days? They want me back in a week to check them again. I don't know why they keep wanting to check them. Could this high jump mean twins?

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    Rapidly increasing hCG levels can mean multiples, and it can also not be multiples, and in some very rare instances it could be a complication such as a molar pregnancy. Although it is hard not to think too much about your levels when that is pretty much the only information you have at such an early stage, you really can't be sure of what is going on until you have some more results, and my guess is that they will schedule you for an early ultrasound. Good luck to you!

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    Congratulations! As 3andMe stated, fast rising HCG can really go either way. Good luck at your next appt!!
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