You all know what I have gone through since April 2012, with the last heartbreak being last Monday. I have had an offer from my sister that I would love to jump on(being that I can get dh on board). My sister has offered to be a surrogate for me, since my body just cannot handle being pg anymore. We would be using my eggs and dh's sperm, so the baby would be 100% us. You know what I mean. My sister has offered to pay for all of the costs,so all I would need to do is show up for all the visits and do what I need to do for the process. On one hand, I'm thinking heck yeah, am I stupid for even having doubts. Then on the other hand, I'm thinking that maybe GOD taking my precious babies is his way of telling me that I don't need another baby and I'm finished. I have not discussed it with my dh yet but know it will be doing a lot of convincing to get him on board. I am making an apt with my RE to talk with him and get his thoughts on surrogacy. I know nothing is wrong with dh or myself genetically, so we are ABLE to produce a healthy child, just me not carry it. What questions should I ask at that apt? What would you all do? Am I crazy for even considering this? I've talked with a friend and she says go for it. But I need others thoughts and opinions as well. I value your opinions and will appreciate any input ya'll have, whether it be good or bad.