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    Default Hi ladies!

    Thought I'd offer an update though there isn't a lot to update. Lol. I guess we're just in that "waiting period" right now where we wait to find out if anyone is going to step forward. It's been two months almost since the last court date and no one has filed a petition yet. They take a good 6 months at least to go through it all so the longer we go without anyone coming forward the better. Bio Dad said he wanted to have another visit after that one that he had. We figured he might want to just see her while he could. That was the impression the SW got anyway. We haven't seen him again and that was a good 5 weeks ago, maybe more. He did talk to the SW once and he told her he might call back later that week to set something up. That was a few weeks ago already. We had our home study updated because we moved to a new house and we talked to the CM about it all for a while. She's the one who did all of our classes and everything and she said that she really doesn't see anything changing. As far as I know bio mom is still in the mental hospital. According to what fictive kin grandma said at court, they're considering keeping her as a long term patient because it appears nothing they do is stopping her delusions. She's been in the hospital for months. I'm really surprised. I mean I know if she gets out she won't be doing well at all before long but I guess I would have thought she would improve while she's been in there. She has asked for pics which they'll give her but apparently she still doesn't know who she is and that's the big problem.

    Everyone involved kind of thinks since no one has come forward probably no one will and I have to say we mostly agree with that too. We've still got it in the back of our minds that things could change. I keep saying, until her last time is changed I won't just abandon myself to the belief she'll be here forever you know? The CM said that in our area we'll have our permanency hearing in November and if they change the plan to TPR and adoption then they'll set a date to terminate rights 30 days from then. So right before Christmas (which kind of sucks for bio parents). If they don't appeal we could finalize in January. If they do appeal it'd be more like March which could be rough because I'm due in March. There is a chance mom will appeal. Apparently her mother is trying to tell her to fight everything. Poor thing doesn't have a leg to stand on and her mom is just mad because she has a history with CPS so they won't even allow her to see baby girl and she's the only person who wants her. mom may do what her mom says but we'll see. She may not be in any mental shape to do that. An appeal just extends the process 60 days I think which is annoying but they almost never win them and I know she won't so mostly it'll just slow things down.

    We have a name picked out too. FINALLY. We want to kind of pay a tribute to her birth name but feel that it's important to change it because we're in a smaller area and I hate the thought that she could be recognized somewhere because of her birth name. They know our first and last names but our last name is VERY popular in this area so the last name alone won't tell them who she is. Also, we've never called her by her birth name and they don't know what we call her at all so that helps. I think in this situation her anonymity is important.

    As far as she goes, she's doing great! She's busy as a bee and pulling up and getting ready to walk! We're thinking about what to do for her first birthday. It's so hard to believe she'll be a year old soon. Foster care is hard and is sucks sometimes but the time really has flown. I typed a lot for not having much of an update. Lol.
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    Thanks for the update Leah! I'm so glad to hear things are moving in a more positive direction. I remember when you first got her, everyday I was worried I'd stop by to see a post her birth family got her back. She was meant to be with you guys

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    Leah I was hoping that the reason we hadn't heard from you lately was because it had just been pretty quiet. I really hope it continues that way and the TPR happens as quickly as possible. I do think she was meant to be with you and stay with you.

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    Glad to hear things have been quiet. Hope they continue to be and that baby girl will be only yours by Christmas! So eager to hear the name you all chose

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    So glad to hear this update.
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    Awww, great update !! Praying for permanency by the end of the year !!! We finalized ds's adoption Dec Christmas gift ever!!!!
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