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    Good morning ladies! I am in the process of organizing a co-op preschool and I need some help coming up with the weekly theme for a few letters. Each week gets assigned a letter, bible theme for that letter and a bible verse that goes with the bible theme. For example, U is God Made Me Unique and P is God Provides. I still need a theme for the following letters: Q, Z, D and C. (I have a few ideas for C, but I wanted to see if anyone could come up with something better).

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    Q could be quick to hear slow to speak---topic on listening. James 1:19 is the verse for that.....or 1 peter 3:4 quietness of spirit.

    Z-this is just a thought but you could always do it on zion. (Jerusalem). Share about Israel and Jerusalem and why that is significant. I thought about zealous to.

    I have a ton for c and d but I have to cook dinner I wanted to give you ideas for the hard ones first. :-)

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    Q-Quick to hear and slow to speak was the first thing I thought off too... There is also Queen Esther (my girls love that story).

    Z- you could also do the story of Zacheus.

    D- Daniel and the lions den.

    C-Children Obey your parents in all things... or Let the little Children come unto me for the kingdom of heaven is theirs.
    DD1 (7) DD2 (4) DS1 (22 months) Baby #4 EDD 7/13/14

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    D could also be for Disciple as in the great commission or the 12 disciples.
    C could also be the 10 commandments.
    DD1 (7) DD2 (4) DS1 (22 months) Baby #4 EDD 7/13/14

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    I was thinking c for commandments too. Or C for Christlikeness, Christian (do the theme of salvation), or complaining ( phillipians 2:14-15 deal with doing all without complaining), confessing (proverbs 28:13 on confessing sins).

    D for diligence ( 1 Timothy 4:15), discernment (prov 15:21) teaching children about making he right choices, doing good 3 john 1:11

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    Thank you ladies..l such great ideas it will be hard o narrow it down! I really appreciate it!

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