ME - What I do - 2/3rd grade science teacher
DH - What he does - property management
DD - almost 7- need to update her picture!
DS -
Fur baby - Too many- as evidenced by my black slacks I am wearing today.
Other "Pets" -
BFP Date: I don't remember... I was 5 weeks.
How did you tell SO? I bought the book "I'm a big sister", When my DH was reading to our daughter I slipped it into the stack. I got it on video, it was great. He was very suprised!
Due - June 23, '14
First Doctor Appointment:November
Do you want to know the sex - Yes
Does DH want to know the sex - No. He want to have a gender reveal party with a cake. I'm too impatient for that.
Gender Guess: Boy??
Have you told anyone yet? If so, who? If not, when?
Symptom list: Everything... UGH (Except morning sickness :-) )
Any names picked out? Yes
What's your TTC Story? We were happy with just having our daughter, felt we had missed the prime window for a sibling. Then she was hospitalized last year and we decided to give it one year, and one year the day... (crazy) we became pregnant.
Anything else you'd like to add? I hardly have the time to be online, but I found the forums very supportive last time, so I am going to try.