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Thread: wearing a girdle at 10 weeks to go to a wedding......

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    Default wearing a girdle at 10 weeks to go to a wedding......

    Hello. I am 10 weeks today and I have a question. I've yet to tell too many people that I am pregnant. Because of my last miscarriage at 10 weeks, and I told everyone....I want to wait until the coast is clear. Anyway, I went to a wedding lastnight and could barely fit into any of my dresses so I wore a girdle. It wasn't tight, it was just well fitted. I could breathe just fine. I wore it for about 6 hours, then came home and took it off. I did not have any discomfort what so ever. I mentioned it to a friend this morning and she said I've put my baby in now I am very scared. It's sunday, so I can't call my dr. Can you help me with this? thanks

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    Nope, not dangerous . I wear girdles throughout my pgs for support (not maternity girdles). I just use them in bigger sizes and make sure they're not constrictive, just supportive.
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    Thank you Kelly!!!!! I appreciate you telling me that, makes me feel so much better

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    What you describe is not dangerous. It is dangerous if u put a really tight one and stay in it for hours on end.

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