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Thread: Raw Local Honey and Bee Pollen

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    Anyone with severe outdoor allergies ever do this? My cousin suffers greatly and I just found out about this. Does it work?
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    I have heard that if you eat local honey it is to help control your allergies. I'm not sure if that is what you are talking about because I think some of your post is missing.

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    I have (had?) mild outdoor allergies, and have been taking raw (VERY) local honey for a few months now. Seems to have helped! They weren't bad to begin with, though.

    And when I say VERY local, I mean the bees need to be getting polen from the same plants you are allergic to. Not just the same species of plant, but the same actual physical plant. I'm in CA, and there are TONS of "local" honeys out there, but only 2 professional bee keepers that have hives in my actual area, that I believe the bees can be getting pollen from the flowers in MY yard, which theoretically were the ones bugging me the most. So, I stick with those two. Anything less local than that probably won't help too much, depending on what you're allergic to, and the general geography of your area.

    ETA: I take it shortly before going to bed, just a tablespoon, it also supposedly helps with insomnia. Again, not giving rave reviews, but I'm such a bad insomniac that any little bit helps!
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    yes! i use this for my dh and girls! seems to have really helped!

    and like the post above it needs to be as local as possible, i put it on toast for the kids and dh just eats it by the spoon full.
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