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Thread: Going Crazy With the Not-Knowing - Thoughts Would Be Appreciated :)

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    Default Going Crazy With the Not-Knowing - Thoughts Would Be Appreciated :)

    To start out with, I take Low Ogestrel birth control pill. My husband and I had been using condoms as well, but decided to stop using them around the end of May. I started feeling differently around the second week of June.. my breasts had gotten slightly larger and very sensitive. I didn't think much of it. However, my period was 4 days late (it was expected to come around June 16, and is consistent since I am on the pill) It seemed like a normal period, but lasted only 2 days (it usually lasts around 5).

    I went in to the Dr's on day 2 of the period and took a pregnancy test which came back negative.. I took another test the first week of July (just a Dollar Store kind to save money) It came back negative... Next week will be my sugar pill, expected "period week".

    I know it's very unlikely that I'm with child, however I'm still having very abnormal symptoms, and they're getting difficult to ignore. Upset stomach, constant nausea (haven't been actually getting sick frequently, just very close to it) and diarrhea (sorry for the tmi!) heavier breasts, very sore nipples, so sleepy, and the biggest thing - I start crying at the slightest sign of stress! I've done it twice now... something very small will happen and I break into full on tears. Very unlike me! I don't know where it's coming from. Today I started getting heartburn...

    I'm trying to figure out what else this combination of symptoms could be... I can't see a doctor for at least another week or two. I did a Google search, and the WedMD "Symptom Checker" and everything comes up pregnancy.

    Is there anything else that pops into anyone's mind? Ideas would be really appreciated! I thought maybe I'd caught a bug what with the upset tummy, but it's been going on for at least two weeks now. Combined with the other symptoms, I can't think of what else could be happening.

    My husband and I would be thrilled if we were surprised with this gift of pregnancy. I'm just frustrated with the not knowing. I know some women go months without getting a positive hpt. I also know that it's unlikely that these symptoms mean I'm pregnant. I just wish I could know for sure. (I know tests are the only sure way of knowing, but it seems even hpt's can be inaccurate...) Any thoughts would really be appreciated. Thanks!
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    Sorry, I know I'm overloading here, but I woke up this morning with some pretty major cramping feelings. I have had some mild crampy feelings the last month or so, but today they're feeling like bad period cramps or something. Even my lower back feels a little sore, and it feels really good to bend over to stretch it out... If I am pregnant, should I be concerned about this? And if not pregnant, this is just one more symptom to add to my strange list of things I've been feeling... Still hoping for some thoughts (: Thanks to all who got this far in the reading, haha.

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    If your period is still late this month, or even if you just want to know I would go ahead and see your doc. They can give you a blood test to help you figure out if you are expecting or not. ... Sometimes HPT's just don't turn up positive for some women... it has been awhile since you took an HPT, maybe try taking another...
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    Thanks for the reply! I'll be expecting AF to arrive sometime around Sunday or Monday, so we'll see. I hate the waiting! I'll see if I can get a blood test done this coming week if it seems necessary. I'm just wondering what happened during my period time last month... 2 Days is abnormally short for me, but it seemed like a normal period.. it definitely didn't seem like just spotting :S So confusing! haha Good luck with your own waiting game!

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