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Thread: Getting my left ovary to cooperate?!?!?! suggestions?

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    Question Getting my left ovary to cooperate?!?!?! suggestions?

    Well I went in prepared for bad news from my HSG this morning and was absolutely shocked when he told us that my left tube is open! Dye flowed threw the tube!!! Now my issue is getting my left ovary to cooperate! Any suggestions?

    Ive done 6 rounds of fertility meds from clomid, femera and gonal F injections and out of the 6 Ive od from the left once maybe twice....
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    I can't offer personal experience but what about acupuncture? I think some of the other ladies here use it.

    Hoping this leads to a bfp for you!!
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    I know your frustration! I have my left tube blocked though so needed my right ovary to work. We did Injections and my right side was doing well but then the next day it stopped and my left took off! So we opted to do IVF and I'm now pregnant! Just a suggestion from me!

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    Ive looked into acupuncture but there are no reputable around here.....

    We are looking at ivf at the beginning of the year or next summer..... just am hoping something gives and the left tube/ovary works.
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    My sister had a problem like that where she only ovulated once every four months...I'm not sure what she did as far as treatment but at forty she had her first DD and at 43 she had her second DD without IUI or IVF... So anything is possible...I'm still waiting on my OB appointment about making sure my right works but oh I felt it this month...I bought Ovuboost off Amazon to give my eggs some help... You can't use it with some fertility meds but maybe it's worth trying... Look into it because the info says people who failed with Clomid got PG by using the supplement...hope you get the answers you need...

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    If you figure it out let me know. I think it just happens that they switch one day. We did seven cycles with DS and I got one follie on the left once (and there were two on the right that same cycle). Every other time, I only had follies on the right.

    Now with TTCing #2, our first two cycles were on the right again but these last three cycles have all been on the left. My right ovary has fallen asleep it seems like.
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    I had success on clomid but it ended in an ectopic, in fact I had 2 ectopics in my right tube from ovulating on the right side which caused the removal of my right tube. My left tube just doesnt produce follicles. I have normal cycles 28-30 days so I ovulate from my right side 99% of the time I think. Im gonna look into adding Zinc into my supplements. I read it can help stimulate ovaries. I take 800mg of coQ10, 200mg of b6, a super b complex which are all supposed to help the ovaries. Other than that I dont know what else to do.
    ME 38, DH 30, DD 18, DD 15 - m/c 2009, 2009, 2011, 2011, 2012, 2013

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