Had my first u/s of this cycle this morning. Lining looks good at 8mm. On my right ovary, I have nine follies ranging from 4-9mm. On the left, I have four follies at 9mm, 11mm, 12mm and 17mm.

Pretty sure my right ovary is going to be a dud again, but I'm hoping one more from the left will catch up to the 17mm follie before they have me trigger. My RE moved my next u/s until Thursday, so I feel like she is listening to me about wanting to wait it out to give a second follie a chance to catch up. Last cycle, they had me trigger when I only had one follie at 16mm measured on an u/s the day before.

She does want me to do OPKs tomorrow and Thursday just in case, but I've had follies get as big as 24-26mm with no surge in the past, which is why I think she is willing to let me go longer this time.

Please keep praying for me. This may be our last chance for a long while!