I just had my dr appt yesterday and the dr told me I have a 4 finger separation between my abdominal muscles. She said that along with being my 4th pregnancy, this one will be more painful/achy than the rest of my pregnancies. Anyone have any experience with ab separation before? Did it return to normal after birth? She gave me a few exercises to do now that aren't strenuous, but will help strengthen my core without making it worse.

I'm almost 16 weeks and have felt BH's for the first time this week. I don't ever remember getting them so early! And I know that's what I'm feeling-I already know what it feels like before the tightening starts, so no question there. Anyone getting them early like that?

I also haven't felt the baby move much. I felt a little bit on Father's Day, and a few days after that, but since then nothing. The heart beat was nice and strong and dr isn't concerned at all. I just remember after feeling all three babies move once, I felt them pretty regularly after that. This pregnancy is already different in so many ways!