Court today was horrible. I've been upset ever since it happened and can't get it out of my head.

First off, fictive kin grandma did the right thing and she withdrew her petition. That was good and that's why she's staying.

Secondly, mom wasn't there. She's still in the mental hospital and isn't doing well at all and right now it doesn't look like she'll be released any time soon.

Thirdly, bio dad was such a piece of work today it just burned me up. After the SW testified, they gave him time to go up and give his testimony. He is so full of crap I can't stand it. He cried and said he just couldn't care for her right now basically taking him out of the running as a possibility. Then they asked him if he wanted to sign away his rights and he said he just couldn't turn his back on "the child" like that. That he had never turned his back on any of his kids (who he has NEVER had custody of and there are 3 of them). Never turned his back on them? Are you freaking kidding me? This guy is just ridiculous! Anyway, he tells everyone that he just can't do it and that his mom can't either. Apparently neither of them want baby girl. So then our lovely (yeah right) judge asks him if he has any other family. Oh and this is AFTER he tells her he wants baby girl to stay with us! She proceeds to make him really think about anyone else in his family that could take baby girl and raise her. Then the prosecuting attorney, I guess for DSS, asks him FOREVER about family and who else he can think of. He had to list everyone on his mom and dad's side. The judge even went as far as to find out who kept family records at family reunions so they could contact her to get a full list of all family. Baby girl will be 8 months old NEXT WEEK! She's been in care all of her life with us, and the judge is just now starting in on this. I'm furious!!!

So after he lists everyone, he mentioned they're all elderly. The judge then starts asking about first cousins and anyone around his age. He said maybe there was someone who would be interested and promised her he'd get to calling them right away. I have a hard time believing that. After court was over, he tells the SW that he wants to set up a visit and she asks him when he wants to come. He says it has to be after 4:30pm. She tells him that's not possible since DSS is only open Monday-Friday 8-5. So he asks if he can just have 15 minutes or something. She says yes, then he asks where he has to go. When she tells him it's at the DSS office he says that it's too far away from his work to get there in time and tells her which road he works on. It's literally down the street. I pass it on the way to DSS. Then she offers to bring her somewhere on his lunch break so he can see her, and he says he'll have to get back to her. I doubt that will ever happen.

The only good thing really aside from the obvious...that baby girl is staying for now is that the GAL spent the last part of court saying how great we are and how wonderful baby girl is doing. He says she has to be the happiest baby he's ever seen, and talked about how healthy she is, how much weight she's gained, how she's just started crawling, etc. The judge was forced to pay a little attention to us instead of ignoring us as usual. I appreciate the GAL saying all of that. I still think, even if someone comes forward they aren't going to recommend her leaving, but I can totally see this judge going against their recommendations. I'm really upset about it now and am freaking out worried that she will end up leaving us after all.

Anyone ever heard of anything like this? It sounds insane to me! I know that dad's family is basically crap so I doubt any of them are likely to step forward and do anything, but still the worry is there. We have 5 months before the next court date which is the permanency plan. If no one comes forward before then then the plan should change to adoption and we would have a chance. It depends on that though. Honestly, if no one comes forward we're probably good to go. It's still terrifying though. I suppose even if someone does come forward it doesn't mean that they'll pass the home study, complete it, etc. took me by surprise how the judge reacted today.