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Thread: classic e vap and positive opk at 9 dpo

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    Default classic e vap and positive opk at 9 dpo

    just wnated to post pic's on how deciving these tests can be and for those who use opk's as possible hpt's and then it turns out not pg, im so over these tests, the cheapie is barely noticable and the answer brand was outside of the time limit. these are not enhanced as i don't know how to use the photobucket effects.

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    It's still not over till it's over...that's why I don't believe in early all my HPTs I dared do all went wonky...I think sometimes its worth the wait to wait...that's just me..some things are true for some and not others so its best to let nature either bring on AF or let her be missed...I know the anticipation is killer...

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    I never test early anymore after having my heart broken by a cp I'd rather not know what could have been

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    I've seen so many evaps of my own lately that I am scared to even POAS anymore. I'm sorry you got some faulty tests.

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    Mariah (35) and DH (40) BFP 8/12/13! Baby Kayla is here! Praying for all the APA girls .

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