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Thread: TTC after MC-What Next?

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    Default TTC after MC-What Next?

    I started bleeding three days ago, with a lot of heavy bleeding and big clots (and pain-OUCH!) yesterday. Today it is very minimal, but still happening. I am really glad that I lost the baby early and not later in the pregnancy, that would make it so much harder. And I'm also glad the bleeding started right after I found out my HCG levels were dropping instead of being tortured waiting a few weeks like my doc said was possible. So yay for small favors. Anyway, they said to wait one cycle to start ttc again. For the other ladies who have miscarried (this was a natural mc), I was wanting your feedback:

    How long did it take for you to get another period after you bled?
    How long does it take for fertility and ovulation to come back? Could it take several cycles like when you come off of bc?
    Should I expect my cycle to be out of whack for a few months as it re-adjusts, or will it go right back to normal potentially?

    And how am I supposed to shake this fn feeling of dread? IDK why, I can't explain it, but even starting back from when we first started ttc in December, I just had this unshakeable feeling that I am not going to have another baby. This mc is only making that feeling stronger. This experience has made me remember how thankful I am for my three children. Sometimes we take things for granted and need an emotional ass-kicking to stop it. Message heard loud and clear!!! I am really lucky and I know that. But I'm just not feeling confident this is going to work out for us. I'm not going to give up! And I am going to try my hardest not to stress about it and let it be what it will be. But I like to be in control so this does not mesh with my personality!!! Anyway, did anyone else have feelings like that after a mc?
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    With my early, natural m/cs my cycle just went back to normal. The first day of my m/c bleeding was cd1 and I ovulated between cd14 and cd21 so expect to o before you have another af...take precautions if you don't want to be pg.

    I have felt the same way for sure . My 2nd tri losses were particularly hard and my 5th loss (4th in a row) was difficult. After our 9th loss we prevented pg, adopted, stopped preventing, and had two kiddos in a row with no loss inbetween . Since then I've had a chem pg and my last pg was twins (one ectopic and one in utero...neither developed beyond 5ish wks though). I'm still hopeful but I have down days where it feels like maybe I'll never be able to carry another baby to term...I'm not getting any younger and my family goes through early meno but most days I feel optimistic. The nagging feeling is always there though in the back of my mind.

    Praying you get another sticky bean !!
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    With 2 of my natural mc's I bled for roughly a week or so, then 3-4 weeks later AF showed up and they were normal from then on. However, with the 3rd natural mc, I bled for like 2-3 weeks and AF didn't show up until almost 3 months later. And they were more or less normal/regular after that.

    I know that was no help, but my point was more or less that it's all up in the air and pretty much anything is possible. I'm sorry.

    Oh, and all 3 of those losses the baby was 8-9 wks when development stopped.

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    I miscarried three times in a row so I understand the horrible feelings of never having another child. My cycles did not go right back to normal for the first two miscarriages. I miscarried at 12 weeks, bled for miscarriage and had a period at about 28 days, then another period 14 days later. I then ovulated and conceived again. Miscarried at 5 weeks, had a short cycle (14 days) and then conceived again. I lost that pregnancy at about 5 weeks and then we prevented but my cycles went back to normal, presumably with regular ovulation right away.

    So, you may go back to ovulating right away or your may not. Some of it likely depends on when your HCG levels will be close to or at 0. My OB told me to wait for both a negative pregnancy test and a period before TTC again.
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    My last natural was in May and I miscarried at home at 5 weeks... My cycle is finally back to normal as my last one was shortish...

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    if it is early enough you should be able to have a normal cycle and even get pg if you want. Chemicals and super early m/c have that in common. I do believe that yours was early enough that it fits in that category. A lot can go wrong in early conception that make this happen. Poor egg quality, chromosomal abnormalities or even our bodies rejecting it. It's never easy. But it does make it easier for me knowing that it was my bodies way of knowing that there was something not right about the way the fertilized egg was developing. Saving us from more pain and heartbreak latter. I know that our technologies are good because detecting early pg can help us prevent more early m/c's. However it also allows many who would have never known that they were pg to know and then feel the sting of a loss. A lot of times these very early m/cs cannot be helped at all. The statistic is some 50% of pregnancies and in this kind of early m/c. Not to scare you. Most are not detected. Sadly for us in the TTC world, we see more then anyone else. And it is because we test early.

    did you have your progesterone checked? You may want to get a mid LP pro test if you can. That way they can put you on supplements that will help you out if need be.

    hoping you get your next BFP soon! FX and for a sticky BFP.
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    I miscarried 4 weeks ago (this sunday) and AF has not returned yet. I believe that I ovulated this week so I'm expecting AF the week of the 22nd. My OB told me I can resume TTC this upcoming cycle. Hopefully my body will cooperate
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    And I agree as I'm waiting to see if AF is coming or not and getting distraught and with the recent mc I just need to look at my two sons to realize no matter what I'm blessed...still it sucks and I'm so sorry...after my mc with the D&C I swore I would never get pregnant again and bam 7 months later I was pregnant and soothe my sadness each month watching my 9 month don't give up... It hurts and there's no denying that but every month is a chance...( in most cases as I also want to be sensitive to those who have more difficult circumstances in TTC) what's meant to be will be... I hope I said all that right...

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    My m/c started with bleeding at 9w6d and the baby measured apx 8w4d at the confirmation u/s. It took 8 weeks, to the day, for my period to return.

    After that I did OPKs and O'd on CD29.

    This month I believe I O'd on CD24, but I'm never 100% certain with the Target OPKs until the next day. This is my 2nd cycle since the m/c.

    So I do think my cycle went wonky, but I also have PCOS so who knows what factor that plays. When I conceived last, I O'd on CD20, which seems fairly normal for me b/c my cycles typically range from 32 - 36 days.

    Immediately after the m/c I was pretty ticked off but knew I was going to try to conceive again. After it took so long for my cycle to return I started thinking that maybe two is enough and perhaps all of this was a sign that I should stop while I'm ahead. I didn't feel that way for long, I think I was just feeling defeated and afraid of another loss. I like to be in control, too, and had timed the pregnancy to be close to 2.5 years between DS2 and baby and a certain zodiac sign ... so I kinda took the m/c to mean that I needed to realize that I'm not in control and can't control everything.

    I was also pretty pissed off about the lost time and money. I'm feeling much better these days, 16 weeks later ... it does take time, but I have also read that some people claim fertility is high after a m/c and I had a friend who had a chemical and then conceived again right afterward. Who knows.

    I hope things work out the way you want to, from this point forward.
    Dorcas (36) DH (37) 3/13

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    Thank you all so much for sharing your experiences. Too many people have to go through this, which stinks. And you all are right, I just have to wait and see what happens. Even if I can never get pregnant again, I am just going to focus on being thankful for my kids that I have

    On a side note, the bleeding has not been what I expected. They said it was going to be like a heavy period and I was like OH FREAKING GREAT! Sorry if this is TMI, but I get my period for a full seven days, with the first three so heavy that I need an Xtra super tampon every hour. Anyways, for this mc, I only spotted the first day, bled heavily the second day, and by yesterday (day 3) I didn't even need a pad already. Hardly anything today. Is that weird?

    My whole ttc experience overall has just thrown me for a loop. I thought I knew what to expect of my cycles, I thought I knew the signs my body was giving me for pregnancy. That's all been turned on its head. I just really have to let go and have faith in the plan
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    Don't put the pads away just yet. Natural miscarriages, and even bleeding after a d&c will come and go for a bit. But hopefully you've seen the worst of it.

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    For me it took about 4-5 weeks before I got my next period and then I was exceptionally fortunate enough to conceive the following cycle!!

    Best of luck to you

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