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Thread: Weird but good dream.

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    Smile Weird but good dream.

    And I am going to take it as an omen that I will get pg this cycle. Every htp stick I dipped was a bfp. And they just kept getting darker and darker. It was so cool. In the dream I was late. But I was not expecting to see a line that fast for some reason. I was so happy. I was thinking wow... now that is a line I can hold stalk in. I really am pg! But I was so shocked I kept going to the bathroom and getting more sticks to dunk. I think it was the best dream I ever had. I am in a great mood today.
    Mariah (35) and DH (40) BFP 8/12/13! Baby Kayla is here! Praying for all the APA girls .

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    Wow!!! That is a wonderful dream!
    I think it will bring you good luck too!!

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    Dorcas (35) DH (36) 3/13

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