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Thread: Anyone have bleeding for 18 days????

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    Question Anyone have bleeding for 18 days????

    Okay so this past cycle I posted about FF changing my Oday... but it finally settled on cd 29 for Oday. I usually have a 28-30 day cycle, O day is usually cd 15-17 and LP is usually 12-14 days.

    Now I od on cd 29 based on FF. I started spotting 5 and 6 dpo (no spotting on 7 dpo) and spotted 8,9,10,11,12,13 dpo (only once a day though). AF arrived cd 42 and I bled lightly for 8 freakin days! Cd 9 and 10 back to spotting again. I had b/w on what was 10 dpo and it was negative. I am having b/w tomorrow for pregnancy which will b cd 11 because I am having an HSG on wed to see if my one and only tube is even open.

    AF has never gone more than 3 day for the past 3 years and before that never went over 5... the only time I have had bleeding like this was during a m/c or my ecotpic. I have felt great (maybe a little tired but I think that is from bleeding) but never had any opains, no sore bbs in the 2ww or any symptoms at all... its been one super crazy cycle! Oh and I did gonal F injections from cd 4 to 14 this cycle to. Progesterone on 10 dpo was 12.9 which showed I did O......
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    I want to respond to you in some way even if its just to say hugs and hope someone on here has a more positive experience like yours to share with you then I do... And since I'm new to this TTC I am still trying to grasp the meds and what they're for so that I can understand the situation better...maybe someone who knows more about those things could tell you that maybe the meds are making your cycle or hormones wonky if you just started them... My experience with that kind of bleeding is still to fresh to share and probably not what you want to hear... So I hope you get more helpful responses but since your reaching out I just wanted to send you some love and light... Hope everything is well with you and it's a crazy cycle...and GL with your HSG and blessings that you have a beautifully clear and open tube...

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    ive never had that happen so i cant offer advice but i wanted to say good luck and i hope your doctor can give you answers soon. hugs!
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    Thanks ladies....

    I just dont know what to think. Hoping tomorrow I get some answers...
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    I have, and it turned out to be cervical and uterine polyps. I felt so much better when the cervical polyp was removed, the blood loss made me feel pretty crummy. I hope you get some answers soon.

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    Don't you love how FF changes your chart on kind of freaks me out..

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    ...any news Tonya?

    I've only had bleeding like that after m/cs so I'm no help .

    Thinking of you!!
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    No real answers. They did a pregnancy test yesterday before doing my hsg on wednesday. The nurse said it could be a result of hormone imbalances or a m/c... I dont have any polyps, I had a hysterscope done in April that showed no cervical polyps or uterine polyps.

    I havent gotten my results from the b/w yesterday yet. Not sure I will get the results but im sure if it was positive they would call because I cant have an hsg done if it is positive.
    ME 38, DH 30, DD 18, DD 15 - m/c 2009, 2009, 2011, 2011, 2012, 2013

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