To wean DD3. I want to. I don't really enjoy BFing her Sadly I never really have enjoyed it with her. She is rough and basically all business. I am tired. I am spread thin. I have nursed her for a year - all I really wanted to do. I could go on forever with reasons why I want to stop and only a handful of why I should continue but something is holding me back. I feel bad and guilty but I know i have no real reason to.

The only thing that makes sense is I KNOW she is my last baby so I guess that is why I am dragging my feet but it seems odd when I don't even enjoy it. I was planning on continuing to pump but just switch to bottles but I don't even know if I want to do that. I am in a wedding in Sept and it would be nice to not have to worry about it and I wanted to get laser hair removal a few months ago and they said they can't do it while i am nursing (because of hormones or something like that) so could go ahead with that too finally.

Anyone else feel like this when it was time to stop even when they didn't particularly enjoy nursing? I know I was torn up with DD1 but I liked our nursing relationship (although I was getting worn out). DD2 wasn't as boob attached but I was ok with nursing and sad to stop. DD3 was always rough and I had a hard time even making it to a year. And now here I am with a free pass to stop and I am procrastinating

She seems to take whole milk ok. Right now it's mixed with BM for her overnight feeding so I don't think she notices. My plan is to do half BM and half whole milk in bottles or cups......eventually.....