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    Okay, so no matter how much I read, I can't seem to find enough. Or at least not what I want to find. The instructions my doctor sent home said bleeding and/or yellowish discharge for 1-4 weeks. Not very specific at all.

    So my questions is, how soon after your D&C did you start bleeding? Did you have pain and/or cramping? How bad was it compared to your normal period? If you've also had a natural miscarriage before, did you bleed more or less?

    I had my D&C at 2p yesterday and other than a little pressure so light I don't really notice it unless I think about it, I have nothing. Granted it's not even been 24 hours, but still. I don't know when it normally STARTS. Everything I'm finding is personal accounts saying the bleeding lasted X number days. But nothing about when it started.

    I hate not knowing everything possible about a situation I'm in. I'm a bit obsessive like that. So this is really getting me anxious! My doctors office is closed until next week because they're moving, so I was forwarded to the on-call at the ER. And I hate that doctor. He's the biggest idiot I've ever met. Seriously.

    So I was hoping I could turn to you ladies to get some personal experiences?

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    I didn't have a D&C (I had a natural miscarriage), but I'll be watching this thread b/c I'm interested to know.
    Laura (33) DH (37) x 4

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    I was bleeding before my D&C and after (as in I woke up from the surgery and was bleeding). But after, the bleeding was thinner and little-to-no cramping. I stopped bleeding about 10 days after the D&C. I have heard of some women not bleeding at all after the D&C because their doctors cleaned everything out so well.

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    I really hope that's the case for me. I had barely any spotting on the bed pad after the surgery, and haven't had anything at all since then.

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    I've never had one, as you probably know, but my doctor told me with a d & c you can have spotting and light bleeding for a couple of days. My cousin wore a panty liner for two days and had some spotting, but everyone's different.
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    So, I'm still have zero spotting and now even the light pressure is gone. Not sure what's going on. Seems stupid to call my doctor because NOTHING is happening, but dangit! I want asnwers!!! haha

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    I had both a natural m/c and a D&C. After the D&C I believe I was bleeding right away when I woke up. But it was the weirdest bleeding I ever had. Weird in the way it was atypical for a cycle. My cycles have natural ebbs and flows and after the D&C it was a very constant bleed. Light but constant all day and all night. I should add that the reason for the D&C was due to the sac not being fully expelled during the miscarriage. That lead to excessive bleeding that put in in the hospital.

    Good luck and many many hugs! I am sorry for your loss.

    Jeanne, mom to Dev0n (6) Isabe11e (5) and C0rbin (3.5) Vio1et (almost 2)

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    Thinking of you!

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    Thanks. I finally started spotting ever so slightly last night. So almost exactly 36 hours after the surgery. I read a horror story about someone that didn't bleed at all after and she ended up being in the hospital for a while for additional surgeries. So I started to panic a bit. haha. I layed around with a heating bad on my back/stomach off and on for like 4 hours. It seemed to help.

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    !! Thinking healing thoughts for you!

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    Thinking of you Elly!!!
    Laura (33) DH (37) x 4

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    I just had a d/c yesterday. I was 10w4d. I had a fair amount of bleeding right away and then it tapered off quickly. I've felt like I to punched in the gut 50 times today. I went for a two mile walk after dinner today and started bleeding a little more heavily and now some cramping. I think I over did it. Hopefully a good night's rest will do me some good. The emotional pain is the worst, though, today. I've just been a hormonal wreck.

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    Just to update for anyone reading this for information, I started bleeding moderately 36 hours after the D&C. Days 3 and 4 were pretty bad, I was bleeding pretty heavy and I was cramping a lot. It felt a lot like a natural miscarriage. Late on day 4 I passed a really big clot and the bleeding tapered off over the next 8-12 hours. I haven't had much bleeding since. I saw the doctor today and he said the bleeding is likely through and I'm pretty much healed. So overall, not so bad.

    Also worth noting, that the cramping and heavy bleeding started AFTER I had a bad fall and ended up in the ER with a bruised femoral head/sprained ankle. So that likely had something to do with why I started cramping so much.

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    I had a D&C at 6 weeks, and I had almost no bleeding or cramping after. Maybe just a few days of spotting. They gave me pain meds, and I never used them because I was not in any physical pain at all. I had regular AF 2 weeks later.
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    Thanks for the update Elly!!
    Laura (33) DH (37) x 4

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    Elly sorry about your fall!
    MJ(29) - DH(34) - Married 6 Years - Angel Babies 6/13, 10/13

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    Thanks, Mary. I'm starting to do better now. I can walk a bit and actually sit at a chair now. So I'm happy. Though I can't wait to be able to get some legit exercise again. I'm going bonkers stuck inside all day!

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