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Thread: Infection after m/c?

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    Default Infection after m/c?

    I've clogged up NM&MIG enough with all my questions I think.

    I started m/c'ing a week ago today. Today is the first day I've had no bleeding and physically I feel better. However all day I feel like I have to pee really bad. So I go to the bathroom and literally a few drops come out. Its been happening all day. Then about 6 pm tonight I started getting this stabbing pain down there which feels similar to what kidney stones felt like in the past without the pain in my belly that I had before w them. I was thinking like UTI or bladder infection?

    I've had UTIs and bladder infections before but they're always with other infections and I've always ended up in the hospital. I do not have a fever. I don't have any other problems. So I'm not really sure what one feels like because there's always other problems with mine

    So does this sound like a UTI or something? Could it be an infection because not everything came out?

    I'm going to call the dr in the am and make an appt. just curious if anyone has has any idea. I realize it could be totally unrelated to the m/c it just worries me because its happening so soon after.

    Any ideas?

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    Sounds like a UTI to me. Urgency and frequency, along with pain . . . classic symptoms. Get in to be checked out. I don't know if it would be related to the m/c, but if you're under lots of stress (which you are right now), your body's definitely more prone to these types of infections.

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    Sounds like UTI to me too. I don't know if it's related to the MC or not though. If I feel UTI is coming onto me, I drink cranberry juice and take extra vit C. Of course, I call the doc too but the above sometimes resolves it on its own before I get to the doc office.
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    Definitely sounds like a UTI to me. I've had a few unfortunately, and I agree definitely load up on the cranberry juice and vitamin C and drink lots of water. I'd also call your doctor, asap. I've never had one clear up without antibiotics. Hang in there, and feel better soon!

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    I agree with the others. Not sure if it's related (might be) but does sound like a UTI. Definitely take care of yourself.
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    Oh yeah. Lots and lots of water. You want to flush your system. And do unsweetened cranberry juice if you can. Extra sugar's not good for UTIs.

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    Hope you feel better!!!!
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    (((Hugs))) poor momma, as if you haven't been through enough, ugh ! It does sound like a uti...I'd call my dr to be on the safe side.Thinking of you !!!

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    So sorry for what your going through and then a UTI on top of it! I will also be thinking of you!
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