I haven't been on in a while bc dh and I agreed to hold off until the lap, once we decided to have it. Well, I had it today, and I thought it went well until my MIL made a comment that she didn't know I would be sensitive to, bc she doesn't know we're trying. She said "well, at least you already have you're babies. You're not trying for any more, are you?" I wanted to get insight, since I felt like what the doctor said sounded good, until my MIL made that comment. Dh spoke to my dr, bc she was off quickly to another case, and I was still under anasthesia. My dr told dh that she removed 4-5 spots of endo, some adhesions, and a mass in my abdominal wall. She also told dh that my uterus looked pink and great from the outside, but pale on the inside. She figured it was from the embolization I had after my first dd, but didn't seem too concerned since I had had my second dd since then. Her last words to dh were "hopefully I'll be seeing you in the office for something better soon." I'm not sure if I just felt knocked down by my MIL's unintentional comment, or if it really didn't go as well as I had thought.