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    I haven't been on in a while bc dh and I agreed to hold off until the lap, once we decided to have it. Well, I had it today, and I thought it went well until my MIL made a comment that she didn't know I would be sensitive to, bc she doesn't know we're trying. She said "well, at least you already have you're babies. You're not trying for any more, are you?" I wanted to get insight, since I felt like what the doctor said sounded good, until my MIL made that comment. Dh spoke to my dr, bc she was off quickly to another case, and I was still under anasthesia. My dr told dh that she removed 4-5 spots of endo, some adhesions, and a mass in my abdominal wall. She also told dh that my uterus looked pink and great from the outside, but pale on the inside. She figured it was from the embolization I had after my first dd, but didn't seem too concerned since I had had my second dd since then. Her last words to dh were "hopefully I'll be seeing you in the office for something better soon." I'm not sure if I just felt knocked down by my MIL's unintentional comment, or if it really didn't go as well as I had thought.

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    Just my 2 cents, but I would totally have gotten down about MIL's comment, too. From what you typed above, it doesn't sound like there's any medical reason to feel like the procedure didn't go well. All doctors are going to say "hopefully" ... no one is going to say "see you in a couple of months for that BFP!" It sounds like the doc did what she could and it's just up to nature at this point.

    What did I miss? Did MIL talk to the doc? My assumption is that she just heard "uterine procedure" and jumped to conclusions?

    I hope you can shake off MIL's comment and start thinking about it all positively, because I believe that's a huge component.

    Good luck!
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    I agree, I wouldn't get too down by it. All through our ttc'ing process, all our family members were trying to say positive things to make us feel better and it turned out that most of the time they just made us feel worse. She was probably trying to make you feel better in case there was an issue. I don't know the relationship you have with your MIL, but I'm sure if she knew you were trying for more she wouldn't have intentionally said something to hurt you. Congrats on the successful lap procedure. Hope you get your BFP soon.
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    MIL didn't speak to the doc, she's just going off of what dh and I said. Dh keeps telling me to relax, but that comment made it so hard. Also, does that sound like a lot of endo? I didn't even know I had endo. Dh said the impression he got from the dr is that we're pretty much starting from scratch, now. Unfortunately, given what the dr found, dh and I feel as though our 3 iui attempts were pretty much a waste of time/money.

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    Unfortunately, I don't have any knowledge about endo. But as someone who took six years to have their first baby ( and more procedures than I want to remember), all I can ay is you will drive yourself nuts if you see each unsuccessful cycle as a failure and waste of money. All you can do is be thankful you had this surgery, that it fixed what it did and that you have a clean slate to start with. Some women never get that clean slate. Sorry about the past cycles b/c it is frustrating to spend that money and not have it succeed. Bt at least now you're better and you've got a good chance. Good luck!
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    I totally understand how you feel about the time/money thing. We did three IUIs knowing I had 1-2 small polyps. My RE told me they shouldn't affect implantation. After the third BFN, I had a hysteroscopy and she ended up removing 8 polyps and scar tissue from my D&C. We still haven't gotten our BFP but I know how frustrating it can be. She knew I had polyps (albeit not that many) and didn't want to do anything about them until the third IUI came out negative.
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    I don't think it's so much endo that you have to be worried about it coming back so fast that it'll hinder your TTC attempts.
    Dorcas (36) DH (37) 3/13

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    !!! How are you doing now? I just wanted to suggest you pm Leah...she is pg following her first cycle after having endo removed...she may have some insights for you .

    I think your dr's response should over-ride mil's for sure! I can see why it was upsetting though (especially coming from a mil, lol) .

    Thinking of you and hoping for the best !!

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