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Thread: cycle on time this month

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    Default cycle on time this month

    Well its a first in over 8 years finally that my cycle came right on time. I started taking Metformin 1500 mg daily last month around June 13th. Today I started my cycle and we really want to give this another try but not IUI. We really want to give the metformin and clomid a try and try to do it naturally so just waiting on the RE office to call and send the script in for the clomid and hope I get a BFP soon.

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    Congrats! Sounds lie you're off to a great start. Hoping you gets your BFP soon! KUP

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    Day one of clomid 100mg. Im hoping between the metformin 1500mg and 100mg of clomid we can get this baby making thing accomplished.

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    It took me about 5-6 months the first time I started metformin to have my cycles regulate and actually ovulate!! I'm hoping it works out quickly for you

    The "good" news is-- after my first DS -- everytime I tried to get pregnant afterwards -- I managed it on the first cycle I started the metformin!!


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    thanks ladies. Im hoping and wishing it doesn't take long. what mg of metformin was you on?

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