Last week I found out through a sonogram that I might be pregnant with twins. On the sonogram there were two sacs but only one had the little white ring and I was told that they were unsure exactly about the other sac as I was only 6 weeks, 4 days with one sac and 6 weeks, 2 days in the other.
I've been having some very light spotting on almost a daily basis.
This morning I had another sonogram with my own doctor and was told I was8 weeks, 6 days and they only saw one sac and the fetus did not have a heartbeat as it only measured at only 6 weeks, 4 days. More blood test were taken to compare hormone levels and I have another sonogram in two weeks.
I'm deeply hurt that I may have lost my baby and could be losing the other one. I can't stop crying and have been depressed all day. I'm afraid of losing the other baby and feel I don't have anything else to live for. Why is this happening?