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Thread: Deeply depressed over possible miscarriage

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    Default Deeply depressed over possible miscarriage

    Last week I found out through a sonogram that I might be pregnant with twins. On the sonogram there were two sacs but only one had the little white ring and I was told that they were unsure exactly about the other sac as I was only 6 weeks, 4 days with one sac and 6 weeks, 2 days in the other.
    I've been having some very light spotting on almost a daily basis.
    This morning I had another sonogram with my own doctor and was told I was8 weeks, 6 days and they only saw one sac and the fetus did not have a heartbeat as it only measured at only 6 weeks, 4 days. More blood test were taken to compare hormone levels and I have another sonogram in two weeks.
    I'm deeply hurt that I may have lost my baby and could be losing the other one. I can't stop crying and have been depressed all day. I'm afraid of losing the other baby and feel I don't have anything else to live for. Why is this happening?

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    I found out through an US myself that I was pregnant with twins. Their gestation was farther apart than what yours are. We were told from the beginning that it may be a vanishing twin. At about 7 weeks, we saw HBs in both babies so we thought we were safe, even though one was slower HB and still smaller. We were cautioned, still, of the vanishing twin. Never did we think after seeing the HBs, we would lose one. However, we did. We were crushed. But we now have a very healthy 2 year old daughter. She is a fighter. You need to remain positive about this, and remember that you have at least one to live for. Most women do not have US's that early, so do not know they were even having twins. We thought we were miscarrying, so that is why we had such an early US. Remain positive, and know that you also may never pass anything. With a vanishing twin, your body actually absorbs the sac. It is sad, none the less. But stay strong, for you have no reason to think you are losing the other baby.

    Good luck and stay strong.
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