Finally heard back from my RE, who outlined my options:
1) Continue with 150mg of Clomid + 75 iu shots of Follistim (this gave me one follie last time- no difference from Clomid alone). I still have one vial of Follistim, so no new additional costs than there were last cycle.
2) Scrap the Clomid all together and just do injectibles. This would up the cost as I would need and additional $800 worth of meds plus $400 for each additional ultrasound (she said there would be more ultrasounds when doing just injectibles).
3) Continue with the Clomid + injectibles but up the Follistim to 150 iu.
4) Move to IVF (not an option for us financially or religiously)

So, I opted for #3. We just went into contract on a house and need to be budget conscious, but I feel like this might be it for awhile if I don't get my BFP. We can always try naturally again, but I don't ovulate well on my own so this might be the end of the road of TTCing #2.

I could really use some prayers for this cycle!