I come in here now and then to check on some friends, DH and I do have hopes to foster when our kiddos are older. Forgive the intrusion please. I just had to come in and say how amazing BOTH sides of the adoption roller coaster are. I caught a show for the first time today, not sure if it is a new series or I have just never seen it before, called "I'm Having Their Baby" and boy was it a tear jerker. The strength and love on both sides of the baby is really beautiful. In the show I saw tonight 1 adoption went through and 1 didn't...they were both so hard to watch. I just wanted to come and give out some big HUGS, this was as close as I have ever been to an adoption and while I knew it must be beyond hard this show really dove in and got you in the heart. You ladies are so strong and loving...I wish you all the best.