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Thread: Some potential good news today!

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    Default Some potential good news today!

    The GAL did a surprise drop by this morning. I, of course, was not dressed and didn't even have a bra on. Used the baby to hide my chest. Oh goodness, but I am glad he stopped by and even though it's always a bit inconvenient I think it's probably good he does surprise visits occasionally.

    Anyway, he said that court Monday should go very much in our favor. He said the petition should be either terminated by the lady who has it, or it'll be dismissed by the judge. He said he really didn't see it happening any other way. He also mentioned that at this point he thinks we're just biding our time until it's legally been enough time for them to terminate parental rights, and that at this point in baby girl's life he wouldn't recommend her leaving us at all because we're all she's known and that would be traumatic for her. I'm SO glad he thinks this!

    He stopped by to see her and also to reassure us that we didn't need to be nervous about court and that she wasn't going anywhere. We'll always be a little nervous until it's all over and done with and as I told my dad today "It's just not over until it's over", but I feel this was a really positive visit and we're heading in the right direction. It's hard to believe that in just a few months her plan could be changed to adoption by us!! Gosh I hope SO bad that this all works out. I can't picture life without her. It's like my brain just will not go there anymore. She's our daughter through and through. I can't wait to be able to post pics of her and I hope it's soon!
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    I really hope that your GAL is right! Baby girl will be so happy to stay with you and your DH, I'm sure.
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    That is great news! I am so glad that he can see what is best for her is to stay in her only home with you.

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    Wonderful news!

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    I hope things go very smoothly for you here on out!!
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    Yay! That's wonderful!

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    So excited for you Leah...sounds like great news !!!!

    Hoping and praying for a good court update !!!
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    That is wonderful!!!

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