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Thread: How do you control your food intake?

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    Default How do you control your food intake?

    I've been working out everyday (except Saturday) for the past week. I feel a little better physically, I can actually feel the muscles in my stomach tightening, even though I know im nowhere near being able to tell of my weight loss or toning. Anyhow, im having trouble with food. I try eating less/better, but I have so much trouble controlling myself. For instance, yesterday, I ate two pieces of cake & had two bowls of stirfry at dinner :/ I feel totally guilty that I did it, and hated myself going to sleep.

    So I want to know what your tips are about eating.
    I LOVE food. If I had an endless supply of food, id eat it all. I'd really like to cook healthier foods because I love vegetables, but my family does not. So that is a bit of a holdback on my part. I have thought about buying separate meals for my daughter & my fiancÚ, but I don't know if that'd be any cheaper/better.
    What are your tips?

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    When I was trying to lose weight, the only thing that worked for me was logging EVERYTHING I ate and noting the caloric value. I used an online program, but I can't remember the name of it. I'd input my food and exercise, and it would calculate everything I needed it to. When I wasn't logging my food, it was nearly impossible to control what I took in.

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    I use My Fitness Pal and it's amazing. The amount of food they already have information for awesome. You can track your food intake, exercise, weight, body measurements, and see reports for all of it. They also have community message boards and you can have friends to help keep you motivated. It's a really good resource. You should check it out.

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    When I was trying to lose baby weight, i followed weight watchers and did well by carefully tracking points. Then I got tired of tracking and added 2 or 3 pounds back on. This spring, I've gotten below my pre-pregnancy weight by subbing lower calorie foods. My kids do not love veggies very much but I steam them for myself at lunch & dinner. I eat a small portion of what I'm making the rest of the family and then a big bowl of veggies. I love guacamole and I started buying 100 cal pouches and I snack on that with carrots most days. I also snack on air popped popcorn. Good luck!
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    I lost over 60lbs just by eating healthier foods. I cut out most pasta and bread, but still eat about a slice of bread a day. What works for me is having lots of easy to grab fruit/veggie snacks handy. Bananas and fruit smoothies with a splash of milk or yogurt save me when I really get a sweet craving.

    Breakfast, I eat a hard boiled egg usually and my giant coffee with regular french van creamer. Lunch, I usually have either a big salad with chicken/ham or a huge bowl of steamed veggies with a little butter and salt/pepper. Snack in the afternoon is usually fresh fruit or a cucumber, etc. I really don't limit how much fruit and veggies I eat, as long as there's not much added to it. We do pretty normal dinners and I just watch the serving size. We do eat things like cassaroles and pizza at dinner, so I don't feel like I can't ever have good stuff. When I was getting started on the weight loss, I tracked EVERYTHING on and that really helped me to gain perspective. Good luck and just believe in yourself!! You can do it!!

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    I use the myplate app at .

    I think something that gives accountability at first is important since it gives a feel for portion size and the caloric value of foods to avoid over-consuming.
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    I use My Fitness Pal as well. I think that the important thing is to commit to tracking for a good amount of time (e.g. A month or two) so you learn portion control. If I get busy, I may skip a few days of tracking now but I do not over eat any more. I know what 1 TBSP of nut butter or 1/4 cup of cooked rice look like. So I know how much to put on my plate.

    I do not cook separate meals for me but the whole family is on a really clean diet - no processed anything, everything made from the most basic ingredients, no sugar, etc. It is good for everyone's health anyway. Home cooked meals always end up with fewer calories than a similar meal from a restaurant.

    We also cut out most grains and a sandwich is a rare treat rather than something we would have daily. If I make hamburgers at home, I use lettuce instead of a bun. For dinner, we may have roasted chicken with a cooked veggie side (greens, zucchini, peas, etc) and a salad. I make a batch of balsamic salad dressing for me so that is just as readily available as the store bought dressing DH likes. I use measuring spoons and cups to put food on my plate so I know how much I am really getting.

    The other thing I did successfully in the past was Basically they sent you a menu for every week, recipes for 1 person and a shopping list. But I was single at the time so I did not have to cook for others. However, depending on your lifestyle, it may be for you. They charge a small monthly fee.

    Best wishes. I know it is very hard to break the cycle but finding the right tool (be it an online app or just a notepad where you write everything) will help a lot. I also used to use an Excel spreadsheet to track calories but the I found my fitness pal.

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    I actually used a food scale to measure my food for a month or so until I could easily visualize the correct portion sizes. And I quickly discovered that loading my diet up on veggies made it so I could snack almost day guilt free and not worry about portions-cucumbers, peas, carrots, cherry tomatoes, celery, bell peppers, etc. If I was free to snack I found myself to be more successful on not overeating in general.

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    I used My Fitness Pal, too. I had no idea that I was consuming so many calories. But it helped me know what I could and should eat. I lost 20 pounds from January to May of this year (that was my goal) and now I'm maintaining.

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    I portion my meals out the night before so i don't overeat. Another tip when you make dinner leave it on the stove top instead of the kitchen table. Studies show you are less likely to eat more if its on the stove.

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    Quote Originally Posted by lwalter01 View Post
    I portion my meals out the night before so i don't overeat. Another tip when you make dinner leave it on the stove top instead of the kitchen table. Studies show you are less likely to eat more if its on the stove.
    Definitely this. Also, on those lines, getting snack and sandwich size ziplock bags and portioning out snacks to healthy portions ahead of time is a great way to make sure you don't eat half a bag of chips or 2 cups of trail mix. And having cut and ready to go fruits and veggies in bags in the fridge make them a much easier go-to snack when you're hungry but don't feel like doing anything. So it becomes just as easy to grab a bag of carrots stick as it would to be to grab a bag of pretzels.

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    I'll echo the love for My Fitness Pal and a super handy food scale. My scale has a built in bowl for putting stuff in which can be handy for cooking also.

    Another thing is it sounds like you might be a "volume" eater. There's nothing wrong with liking to eat large amount of food--you just have to change which foods you're eating. Vegetables (and certain fruits) lend themselves well to eating a lot without taking in a lot of calories. Nuts on the other hand, do not. Find things that are nutritious but forgiving in how much you can eat and then have at it!

    Some people are texture eaters or bored eaters or whatever-eaters. Figuring this out can help you a lot as well.
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    Sometimes thought not the best idea I spend more money on pre-packaged things. I am personally on a low -carb diet. Meats and veggies are freebies according to my doctor. So if there is a salad pre-packaged without curtons (sp?) I will buy it for portion control. I also enjoy the atkins meals. I watch for the ones that are really high in fat. One better way is to buy a bulk thing of boneless and skinless, chicken breast look if it comes with 4 cutlets take 1 and put it into a ziplock so you have 4 days worth of chicken. You can pair the chicken with veggies for a stir fry. The only veggies I have to count is potatoes, corn, and carrots.

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    I talked to my dietician and she told me that what makes you fat most of all is the Prolactin (the hormone that produces milk) that enters the bloodstream during pregnancy in some women ... unfortunately prolactin remains in the circulation for more than a year, even if you have stopped breastfeeding, so the advice that I give you is give yourself time maybe be careful not to take further lb, you'll see that slowly lose everything. I've taken with breastfeeding 77 lb and I breastfed for 3 months, calculates that my daughter is 15 months and I'm only now beginning to lose weight with a low-carb diet!

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    I just look in the mirror every time I have cravings. The disgust always wins over cravings.

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    I have been doing really great using Myfitnesspal....plugging in every single thing I eat keeps me honest and helps me do better.

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