I've been working out everyday (except Saturday) for the past week. I feel a little better physically, I can actually feel the muscles in my stomach tightening, even though I know im nowhere near being able to tell of my weight loss or toning. Anyhow, im having trouble with food. I try eating less/better, but I have so much trouble controlling myself. For instance, yesterday, I ate two pieces of cake & had two bowls of stirfry at dinner :/ I feel totally guilty that I did it, and hated myself going to sleep.

So I want to know what your tips are about eating.
I LOVE food. If I had an endless supply of food, id eat it all. I'd really like to cook healthier foods because I love vegetables, but my family does not. So that is a bit of a holdback on my part. I have thought about buying separate meals for my daughter & my fiancÚ, but I don't know if that'd be any cheaper/better.
What are your tips?